Sunday, May 12, 2013


By Richard Leverone,  66 pages
Published March 24th 2013
By: Agena Publishing
Book source: Personal Copy. Author
2 Stars

What Amazon has to say: For eighteen years a horrific family tragedy has haunted Parker Jenkins leaving him depressed, discouraged, and pondering life’s real purpose. This all changes late one night while on a routine business trip to Salt Lake City, his plane is forced to make an unscheduled landing. Stuck on the tarmac awaiting repairs, he strikes up a conversation with the elderly gentleman seated next to him. Parker soon discovers that this is no ordinary gentleman, and Salt Lake City is not their destination.

My Review: Let me start by saying that I only rated this book a two based off of my own preference in books. For myself personally this book was not of the type that I generally enjoy reading, that being said for someone with a strong religious background or spirituality I think this book could easily be a three or four star book. I feel someone of a more spiritual nature than myself would take more from this book than I did. Overall the book is well written, the book deals with a man named Parker Jenkins who has had his fair share of heartache and regrets throughout his life, the author does a fine job at keeping the character easy to relate to and real, as well as does a wonderful job of conveying the emotions and struggles of the main character. A few times during the book I felt saddened by the main characters stories about his life and yet I felt he came off as someone I could easily identify as possibly someone I could run into during my daily life.The scenery is also described in detail which is a necessity considering most of the book takes place in one area with other areas described through dreams and memories.One can easily tell the author spent adequate time in his descriptions of people and places so that the reader could get the most complete visual image of everything and everyone. Wilson for me was the standout character, as the man who talks Parker through all of his stories and gives advice or nudges Parker to realizations he previously had been unable to come to on his own, he shines as a caring and compassionate soul. The book has an interesting twist that some may guess early on, however I don't feel as if knowing what the ending would most likely be took away from any of the story. I did overall enjoy reading this book and would encourage others to check it out. 

About the Author: I have been writing for 11 years and Tarmac is my fourth book and a departure from the suspense and mystery genre I am used to writing in. My other three books include Loony Bin, a medical thriller; The Dying Season, a small town murder mystery; and my longest novel, Surrogate, a domestic terrorism thriller. Tarmac is  my first novella. All my books are available on Amazon.

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