Thursday, September 12, 2013

Are you a visual learner? Visual learners are those who tend to comprehend and retain information better when it is accompanied by something they can see, like a photo, or a video. The majority of people you meet are probably visual learners as it is very common. I myself happen to be a visual learner, I remember things much better if I can associated them with related pictures. I once had a history teacher who did a wonderful job of making humorous picture filled power point presentations and while I have never been great at history I kept my grade at an A all semester long. This page discusses what it means to be a visual learner and gives tips for how to use this to your advantage. I tend to draw charts and use colored pens to make the important phrases or words in my notes stick out. In a page of gray pencil a red word sticks out and my eye is drawn straight to it and for me it sticks in my mind. This links to a pdf document that also discusses what it means to be a visual learner. Whatever kind of learner you may be it is important to learn how to make your study habits to work best for you. Take some time to try and to determine how you learn best and begin working it to your advantage.

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