Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brands and why we blog about them!

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 As bloggers we love to spread the word about brands we love. It is not something that only happens in the blog universe either, I spend much of my day conversing about brands I like or don't like. Once we have decided we like a brand and have had positive interactions with it we will consider it reputable. This site recently posted some interesting statistics about the connection between bloggers and brands. I like that the author asked other bloggers why exactly they blog and mentioned the ever known stereotype about bloggers only being in it for the money. There are so many bloggers working hard everyday to promote brands they feel are deserving of promotion and get paid nothing at all. We blog because we love to blog, it really is as simple as that. The world of blogs can really be a rather helpful place for brands to exists, these days there are so many places for us to share our opinions whether it be on our personal blogs or on Facebook, twitter, etc, which means more people see our positive or negative reviews on brands of all sorts. There are many things that play into shaping our opinions on how reputable a company is. I feel this page does a pretty great job of explaining some of those things and it also lists what companies where voted the most reputable of 2013. Almost all of those listed are very well known companies with Amazon taking the lead. I believe as bloggers it is not only important for us to blog about what we love but to also try new things often so that we are spreading the love around and not focusing on only a handful of brands. Who knows maybe something you say will lead someone to purchase from a lesser known brand and they will spread the news and then before you know it that lesser known brand is a favorite of many. Long story short, brand blogging is a great thing and while I think everyone should support their favorite brands I want to urge everyone to also give new brands a try, you never know what you might fall in love with.

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