Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garnier Fructis Product Review

Product: Garnier Fructise
Price: $3.50
Time used: 6 months
Instructions on bottle: Apply a quarter-sized portion to damp or dry hair.Use fingers or a comb to distribute throughout hair. Do not rinse. For best results use with the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine System of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in.

My Thoughts:  I started using this product about six months ago. I picked it up on a random trip to Walgreens and decided to give it a try. I dye my hair pretty often so I as you can imagine I deal with a lot of dryness. I find that this product really does leave my hair feeling softer and smoother. This leave in conditioner smells great and is easy to work into hair. I just towel dry my hair and put a small amount into my hands and then rub it through my hair. You really only need a little bit, if you use too much your hair will feel greasy and the conditioner will not fully soak into the hair. Sometimes if im in a rush I just focus on my tips as those are always really dry. This product also has argan oil in it which is great for hair. According to Argan oil penetrates into the hair pores or shafts and enhances the elasticity of hair. It also proves to be very nourishing for the growth of hair. Click the link posted above to learn more about the benefits of argan oil. This product can be used everyday, I personally use it about every other day and I use it anytime I go swimming in chlorinated water. I would definitely suggest checking this product out.You should be able to find it at your local drugstore.
Note: I cannot guarantee that this product will work for you as it has worked for me. All hair is different and this is just my thoughts on how the product worked for me.


  1. May have to go to the store and pick this up:)

  2. I would suggest it...worst thing that could happen is your out 4 thing you find a new cheap hair product that you love. :D